Monday, June 07, 2004

June 2 to 6 - 2004: TESOL Certification

After making the decision to teach English overseas, I set off in search of a training program which would at least give me the basics of ESL* teaching.

In early June of 2004, I enrolled in Global TESOL's "Advanced TESOL** certificate" program, an intensive 120 hour process meant to prepare people to teach English as a Second Language. The teacher trainer, Demetra Cuden was amazing, the group we had in class was great and the time went by very quickly.

After 60 hours in class with the group, the second phase of the program was a home-study specialization of your choice. With my business background, I chose to specialize in teaching Business English and completed the 60 hour course in a few weeks.

And voilĂ , I am now a certified TESOL instructor with a specialization in Business English.

*ESL: English as a Second Language
**TESOL: Teaching English to Students of Other Languages

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