Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Now I know when and where I'm going...

Ayumi from AEON Toronto called today with news that they had matched me with a specific school! Here's the info that I absorbed from Ayumi's quick info over the phone... more info after I've done some research...

The city:
  • Utsunomiya City is located in Tochigi Prefecture
  • 50 minutes train ride North of Tokyo
  • Population of 500,000 people
  • Summer is hot and humid, Spring and Fall are temperate, Winter is not too cold with not much snow.
  • Close to some of Japan's major cultural centres

The school:

  • 560 students
  • 85% Business people, 5% House Wives looking for something to do, 5% College Students, 5% High School Students
  • 3 Foreign (meaning me) English teachers, 4 Part Time Japanese speaking teachers, 4 Full Time Japanese Speaking teachers

The Dates\Arrival\Flight\etc.

  • Departure Date: May 12th
  • Arrival Date: May 13th
  • Contract duration: May 14th - 2005 to May 21 - 2006
  • Training: One week starting Saturday May 14th
  • Arrival at branch school in Utsunomiya: May 21st
  • Flying in to Narita Airport near Tokyo, being met at the airport.

As things stand now, I have to do my research on the town and let them know if it's a good match before Friday, then they send me the hiring package.

Now I go to bed... Good night

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