Thursday, January 27, 2005

105 days left - Just call me Chippy (as in Chipmunk)

Well I was baptized at work today, the name which stuck was "Chippy" though I kept saying I preferred Alvin... Swelling is down today, but still very noticeable. I of course milked it for all it was worth, working primarily with women does have its advantages. lol

So tomorrow I'll start looking into having myself declared a "non-resident" of Canada for income-tax purposes. This will mean I'll only need to pay 6-10% local tax instead of also having to pay canadian income taxes on my income in Japan. The form is rather long, but I'll get through it.

I'll also need to schedule some time with my contact at RBC to figure out my options for what to do with my pension plan. I get what I've put in to it, as well as what the Firm has put in to it, so it amounts to a substantial amount of cash over the 2 years I've been there. Ideally I could put it into an RRSP, from which I could then borrow for a downpayment on a house when I eventually get back? We shall see.

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