Friday, January 14, 2005

118 days left - Not much going on

My paperwork is on it's way to Japan for aproval, I'm officially an employee of AEON Corp, I've made pretty much all the travel related purchases I'll need... except for 3-4 more suits...

So for Christmas, my parents got me the most amazing garment bag. It's made by Samsonite, kind of a hard case but soft at the same time, holds 5 suits. Will make my travels much easier.

Click on this LINK to check it out.

They also got me a large suitcase to match my medium one I got last year for our trip to Orlando. So I'm all set as far as baggage goes.

I also got a bunch of great books from some different people. Some about Japan, some about teaching ESL. Should be a great help:
  • From my godmother Doris, I got the Lonely Planet guidebook to Japan. This is the most amazing series ever! It's so detailed that you can get off the train in Tokyo, crack open the book and find places to eat\sleep\party\read\etc. within minutes.
  • From Sherry, I got Japanese at a Glance, an excellent Japanese Phrase book which also incorporates an English-Japanese dictionary. Should be quite handy, I'll have to start teaching myself some basics pretty soon.
  • Sherry also got me Teaching Kids to Read for Dummies, which should be a great help as well as Teaching English as a Foreign Language which is also amazing.
  • AEON also sent me a book titled The Japanese Way which details many of the things which I will find different once I get to Japan.
  • These are added to the library I had started to accumulate myself: Lonely Planet's guide to Travel Photography, Living Abroad in Japan by Ruthy Kanagy as well as A First Book of Japanese Cooking, which includes pictures of the packaging of some of the stuff I'll be encountering which is great.

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