Saturday, February 19, 2005

82 days - another travel (kinda) related purchase

Evil evil eBay, giving me such a good deal on something that I just HAD to go out and buy it... sheesh.

I'd been trolling eBay for a few days looking for an External USB drive to go along with my laptop. The 40GB drive in the laptop is already stuffed with 16GB of stuff and I haven't even started taking pics\videos much yet. I stumbled on a really good deal, picked up a 120GB Maxtor drive for $50 US, they retail for over $150... even with shipping I save about a hundred bucks.

Figure a backup solution is a good idea as well in case the drive in my laptop decides to give out, as they tend to do. In the past 3 years with the Firm I must have placed 30+ calls for defective hard drives in laptops, considering we only have 40 some odd lawyers with laptops (and that they barely actually do any travelling), that's quite a high number. I don't know what I'd do if my drive crapped out and I lost all my pictures of my trip and everything...

This makes me think... travel adaptor... I'll be bringing along a select few items which will need power adaptors to work in Japan. Off the top of my head:
  • Laptop (could probably get a local power cord to go with it... assuming they have IBMs in Japan???
  • External USB Drive
  • Battery Charger for my Digital Camera (again, could get a local solution to charge my SONY batteries)

I think that's it.... wonder if I could bring along a power bar from here and just one adapter to plug the PowerBar into the wall.... will have to look into that.

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