Monday, February 07, 2005

94 days - Starting think about packing up some stuff

I have this odd feeling that the next 3 months will go by super quick. I'd like to get out camping a couple of times from now until I leave, gotta see Algonquin Park ( at least one more time. That may be the thing I miss most once I get to Japan... the relative emptiness of Canada. Being able to drive out to Lake Travers like we did this September, pile our stuff into canoes and head off into the wilderness for a week... Canada's population density is 3 persons per square kilometre while Japan's is 337 persons per square kilometre, that's quite the staggering difference. Thankfully, from what I understand, I'll be in a relatively rural area, not exactly downtown Tokyo...

Looking at this chart on Wikipedia ( I was originally surprised that Japan is actually 29th on the list, thought it would be higher... but this list divides the population of the country into the total land mass... unfortunately if I remember correctly 80% of Japan is mountains so the population density is actually much higher...

Anywho, back to the packing story... I've got pretty much all my books stored away in bins, need to start packing all the extra stuff I have lying around that I either won't be taking with me or won't be using between now and the time I leave.

Also found a neat Microsoft app that lets you make a picture "story"... you'll see an example in the next little while...

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