Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bought my plane ticket today...

Called Ginko at JTB today and bought my plane ticket to Tokyo. She was all surprised that I was buying it so early, since I didn't have to buy it until 7 days before departure. But hey, I had the cash laying around, and at least that item has been taken care of now.

Work is going ok, not too busy so it makes for some long days. To top it all off the evening technician in our Montreal office who usually handles the calls from 5PM-10PM is no longer with us since about 3 weeks ago, which means that we all have to pitch in and handle On-Call duty (for the whole firm, all 5 offices from Vancouver to Quebec City) during the week. I did last Thursday and am on-call again tonight, which really sucks because I miss out on a cocktail party thing at work for Francis (THE coolest lawyer we've got at OR) who is leaving the Firm to be with his girlfriend in Montreal. Anywho, tonight is proving to be not so bad. Last week, I had gotten 10 calls before 6:30... which was pretty rough. Tonight I've only gotten 3 so far, and only one that I needed to respond to. I'll be glad when the replacement night guy takes over... on-call sucks, and the money isn't really worth the hassle.

Anyways, that's that, I'm going to do some paperwork on the calls I got.

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