Sunday, February 20, 2005

Good web site for Japan info

Found a great web site with some very targetted information on Japan. It's actually an information web site targetting recruits for the JET (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) Program but has some good general info.

Stumbled onto it while starting to make my packing list and trying to figure out which toiletries I should bring with me and which I should purchase in Japan. I was able to confirm that toothpaste, deodorant and... ahem... condoms... may be an isue so I should bring my own. Toothpaste in Japan does not contain fluoride, neither does their water, so I'll be bringing a couple of tubes of that. Deodorant is apparently "non-existant" in Japan, especially in stick format, which is rather disturbing to me due to the crowded conditions of the Public transit system, unless asian men don't sweat??? Condoms... well Japanese men's average SHOE size is a 7 with the high-end of the spectrum around 10... I'm a 12... enough said... lol

Bag wise I think I'll be ok with 3 items of checked luggage and my carry on. Large suitcase, Garment\Suit bag, Skis and boot bag (considered 1 item) and my laptop in the carry on bag.

I'll have to call American Airlines and see what their luggage allowance is for Asia... their web site says to call.

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