Saturday, February 12, 2005

Nothing about Japan... just stuff

Well I guess I'm kind of in a lull between the long-term (interview, contract, paperwork) stuff and the short-term (packing, selling stuff, getting to the airport) stuff.

Things are going well though, getting a lot of skiing done this winter, which is great. I've been to Camp Fortune twice, Edelweiss once, Mont Ste-Marie 3 times, Mont Rigaud once and Mont St-Sauveur of course for that 2 day trip thing back in early January. I am however considering on cutting back a bit. I'm in a weird spot in my skiing skills where I'm totally bored with green, enjoying Blues but scared shitless of black diamond runs... The problem there is that unless I go to somewhere like Sauveur or Tremblant, which I think is too far for just one day of skiing... I don't have that much to pick from on the hills. Ste-Marie for example, the biggest hill in these parts only has 3 blue runs... there's a fourth on the map but I've never been able to find it... Sooooo I think the plan for the rest of the winter will be to go with my brother when he goes with school, and that's about that.. Then I'll have my skis tuned up so they're ready for Japan!

Got a nasty surprise last week from my truck. I think someone must have told it I was going to sell it and it's not happy with me.... Clutch is making a weird rattling\squeaking noise either when it's fully depressed or as I'm releasing it to switch gears. It's intermittent, and when I brought it to the transmission guys, they couldn't hear anything and didn't want to crack it open and charge me labour unless they can see a problem first... They suggest to bring it back once it gets more consistent, which is a problem because 3 times now I've been in traffic and unable to shift into gear... not a good feeling. Luckily my superior driving skills allowed me to quickly turn off the road. A friend of mine says I shouldn't bring it in to a mechanic and go through the expense... he was a mechanic, still has his license, can get the parts at cost... we'll see what's up with that... still a bit cold to be working on a car but if it saves me 800 bucks, I'll be considering it!

Other than that, I had a busy week between working for a side-client of mine, going to see my friend Renee and stuff. Last night I went to the Ottawa 67s game, it was truly odd to be watching Hockey again after all this time. They put on a good show, won 5-2, had a great time. On that note, it looks like the National Hockey League is just about set to announce the cancellation of the season. Too bad, with the addition of goalie superstar Dominik Hasek this year to replace the inconsistent Patty Lalime, I think we could have gone all the way. All the pieces were in place, and then the billionnaire owners locked out the millionaire players... and us fans are stuck on the sidelines... sheesh.

Tonight, I get to sample Brigitte's most tasty Stuffed Pasta Shells again, I am quite looking forward to it, they are nummy. Anywho, that's about that for now, on a parting note, some enterprising young man has posted Ogilvy Renault golf balls on Ebay following Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien's stunt this week at the Gomery Inquiry... quite amusing... bidding is up to 100$+ for 3 golf balls. It seems that the story somehow got out to the media (articles in the Sun Media chain, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail) and traffic has increased greatly on the auction with 1100 hits in 2 days... funny how one can so easily manipulate the media for his own financial gain... if only I'd thought of that... oh wait...

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