Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Another step closer...

A mere 42 days to go until my departure and things are starting to get crowded... too much stuff to do, running out of time!

Just dropped off my truck at my friend's place, he'll see what he can do about the clutch... hopefully we can get that sorted away... This weekend I'm driving down to Chatham to see Kadance, my little one year old god-daughter... haven't seen her since Christmas so I'm sure there'll have been plenty of changes... Next weekend is the Firm's IT group retreat at Mont St-Sauveur, the following weekend I think I'm going to Klaus's place for a visit, then more plans for the weekend of the 22nd... and that takes us pretty close to May 12th... sheesh!

Oh and I went and picked up my Visa today from the Japanese Embassy, they've decided they'll let me into their country! Yay!

Ever felt the need to demolish a website? Now you can! Just go to, enter the URL you want to destroy, select your weapons and go at 'er! (I had an especially good time taking out the PETA web site... Riiiight, eating meat causes the hell did we all get here then?)

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