Saturday, March 05, 2005

Boarders suck!

Thursday ski day at Edelweiss: ended with a kiss and a hug and an excited girl thanking me for getting her out to ski for the first time.

Friday ski day at Camp Fortune: ended with my brother Christian (Boarders suck!) with a fractured wrist on his way to the hospital for x-rays. At least he got to ride in that tobogan thing the Ski Patrol uses to cart injured people off the ski hill.

Guess which day of the two I liked better?

So we were skiing (I was, Christian was boarding) the far right lift at Camp Fortune last night (Clifford?) and doing the intermediate and expert runs which come off of it since they were the only runs on the mountain with snow on them. At about 9:00, Christian decides to take a small series of moguls (where the arrow points in the pic below) which are not on the map for some odd reason... and quickly proceeds to wipe out and land on his arm.

He'd gone down before me so I didn't see him head for the moguls or see him fall. When I noticed he had fallen, I stopped, checked up on him, made him lie still, all that fun stuff and proceeded to place my skis (skis rule!) in the X shaped distress signal known to summon the gods of the ski patrol.

Sure enough, within a minute or two, a ski patrol team starts yelling down at us from the lift asking questions about what happened and says there's a team on their way up to check him out. Sure enough, here comes a 4-wheeler blaring up the hill with 2 First Aid people on it. They check him out, make sure there's no concussion (he was wearing a helmet) and such, put his arm in a splint and strap him to the tobogan for the trip down.

I guess I'm just glad he's ok, but I can't help myself from saying I TOLD YOU SO!!! Upper Body injuries are very common in snowboarders since you upper torso and arms take the brunt of any fall. And of course, as you're toppling forward or back, you first instinct is to break your fall with your arms... never good.

I'm not saying skiing is safe... but snowboarders have a much higher risk of fractures than skiers... and now that his wrist has been broken, I don't think he should be boarding again, could cause him some major problems down the road if he keeps aggravating the injury. He's actually a pretty good skier...

Anyways, that's my rant about snowboarders for the day.

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