Monday, March 21, 2005

Free VoIP phone calls... what a wonderful thing

A friend of mine bought a telecom\technology magazine last week and passed on an article about a wonderful product called Skype ( which allows for free Voice over IP calls from between any two high speed internet connected computers in the world.

I gave it a quick run using 2 machines here and it seems to work quite well. There was a small lag but it was only noticeable because I could hear the actual "live" voice before it came out of my speakers. Should work fine as long as both machines have a good internet connection. My username is michellafleur if anyone wants to download it and give it a shot.. send me an email at and we'll arrange for a time to give it a run. All you'll need is a microphone and speakers connected to your computer. I'll probably be buying a headset for it, and maybe a USB phone for my parents to use... very cool technology.

They make their money on their SkypeOut package, which enables you to make VoIP calls to normal phone lines for a relatively minor fee (a few pennies per minute between Japan and Canada) which I may also use since I don't think I'll be getting a land-line... unless I need one for Net access....



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