Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It's a small world... at least as far as ESL teachers go

Very pleasant surprise today. Back when I attended the Group Interview for AEON in Toronto, I met a bunch of different people of course. I think we were 8? 9? essentially locked in this room for hours on end, you get to talk to people. Anyways, after the interview, I ended up heading out to dinner with 2 guys, Steve and Wasim, who interviewed at the same time as I did.

Now, what made the conversation really interesting was that Wasim had just recently returned from Japan where he taught with the JET program for 2 years. He was a great source of information, and the three of us have kind of kept in touch through email these past months.
So last night, I check my email and there's this mass email from our Recruiter telling us there's a special on TV tonight that we should tune in to... by chance I glanced at the recipient list and spotted Wasim's email address, which made me drop him and Steve a quick email asking how their plans were coming along.

Found out today that not only will Wasim be living in Oyama, about 50km away from Utsunomiya, by we'll be training together this May and get this, we're on the same flight out of Chicago. Guess the world of Canadian ESL teachers in kind of small, quite the series of coincidences though. It'll certainly be nice to have a friendly face in Japan, and the fact that he knows the language will certainly help!
So after work tonight, I headed out for dinner with my dear friend Sean. We were initially heading for Chinese, but were diverted away by a sign on the door about "equipment failure" and settled on Capones Ristorante instead. I'd never been before, and I'd heard it was a good place. Well good is putting it lightly, it was an amazing meal, the best I've had in a long long time, and priced more reasonably than some of the other Italian places I've been to.

Not only did they have my Grey Goose, but our server was amazing, the food was fantastic and the atmosphere was great. We started out with Veal Scalopini, which was excellent... then I had the Chicken Amaretto (chicken marinated in Amaretto with an Amaretto and Mushroom cream sauce) served with breaded egg plant, baby pea shells and potato... my dear god it was good. Topped it off with fresh brewed coffee and rice pudding and I am very sad to have only discovered this place now. Dare I say? It ranks right up with a few of the restaurants I've had the pleasure of dining out at (on the Firm's tab of course) in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto. Maybe I just hit it on a good night, but damn....



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