Tuesday, March 01, 2005

March.. in like a Lion...

Well the month of March finally rolled around with most people hoping for some relief from the long Winter we've had up here. There's been snow on the ground since way before Christmas for the first time in years, I went skiing in December for the first tiem EVER and the conditions were quite good.

Starting last night around midnight, we've been getting dumped with a constant barrage of snow. It's finally letting up now but they're calling for another 5-10cm overnight. All of this makes for some great skiing conditions, I've made my plans for the week.
  • Booked the day off on Thursday, going to Edelweiss with Little B, her first time out.
  • Friday night after work, I'll be joining my old high school (and my brother Christian's current) ski club at Camp Fortune for some night skiing.
  • Saturday night, trying to get a group from work to get to Camp Fortune for night skiing. 2 for 1 on both lift tickets and rentals!
So that'll be pretty much that, I'd been hoping for a dump of snow before I'd head out again, so here I go.

Ended up at the Motley Crue concert at the Corel Centre on Sunday night, was the most amazing show I've seen... ever! They were great, even if their lead guitarist just had a hip replacement not too long ago... lol My friend Sean has gotten tickets for Xmas, floor seats,
7 rows from the stage, just a little left of Centre Stage. AMAZING! Unfortunately, he had a bad migraine and couldn't go, so I took my brother Christian, we had a blast.... got Sean a tour t-shirt and a promise of tickets if they come back to town. The band mentioned something about a second tour this summer but I don't know if they'd hit Ottawa twice... then again Metallica is coming back so who knows.

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