Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Not allowed to leave....

Well I keep being told by people I am not allowed to leave. Apparently a vote has taken place at work and they have voted for me to stay on the island in some sort of anti-survivor ritual. They picked someone else from the staff to leave the continent in my stead, how nice of them.

Cleared up some question with an email to my recruiters in Toronto today.
1-I will be a resident of Japan, and thus my application for canadian non-residency for tax purposes should go through.

2-I may have a problem using a baggage forwarding service to send my skis from the Airport to the school. I was advised in a letter last week that all but one of my bags will be shipped to the school upon my arrival at Narita airport. The AEON recruiter seems to think they don't ship sports equipment but will have someone from the Tokyo office look into it.

3-I'll be able to get information about my apartment from the teacher whom I will be replacing. I am assuming I'll be taking over his apartment??? I'll be put in touch with him\her by email about a month before departure and all my questions should be answered then.

4-cleared up the dress-code for training

5-I have to clear US Customs in Ottawa because I will be flying through Chicago. I will not be leaving the airport, of even the specific terminal I think, and yet I have to go through that crap... sheesh! Guess I'll have to be careful not to bring anything along that would get me dinged by duty twice, once for US and once for Japan. I'm assuming I'll have access to a duty free shop in Chicago... I'm going to need to get a bottle of my Grey Goose Vodka for my stay out there....

6-The seminar house, where I will be training for the first week, does NOT have internet access. Apparently there's an internet cafe in Omiya, but the commute involves a 25 minute walk and a train ride? What's up with that? You'd figure they'd provide some kind of service for the trainees... oh well, I'm sure I'll make due, just don't expect daily updates from me during my first week...

And that's about that for now... I'm looking at another quick ski trip on Saturday evening, unfortunately the season is almost over. Also in the very early stages of planning a final camping trip with Sean and possibly others... just enough of a taste to remind me of what I'll be missing in Japan.

Oh yeah, and I've started rolling an idea around in my head regarding my return in 2006. I guess I shouldn't be making plans quite yet because I really have no idea what will happen in the next year and whether I'll want to come back immediately after a year but... After watching a "sales" type video for Kewaydin, a canoe camp for youth up in the Temagami region (I've been, amazingly gorgeous country up there) I think I may need a summer of canoe tripping when I get back. I should be able to find employment as a canoe tripper at one of the many camps either here in Ontario or in Quebec. I think that would be an amazing return to the wilderness of Canada for me... but more on that in March-April of 2006... lol

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