Thursday, March 10, 2005

Now it's starting to feel real

OK, well I jumped off my first cliff today, burned my first bridge, past my first point of no return...

At 3:30PM, I sat down with our Office Manager, asked her to call in my boss and dropped the bomb shell. Handed them my well crafted leter (if I do say so myself, see for yourself here) and announced that I am leaving Ogilvy Renault after three great years. Obviously, their first response was to ask where I was going. When I answered "Japan" they were obviously shocked, and excited and happy for me and stuff, and it diverted the conversation away from the fact that I'll be leaving them with quite the hole to fill.

Talked about Japan and teaching and stuff for a little bit. I was very impressed by how Marc handled it all, I didn't know how he'd take it at first. He seems genuinely excited for me, though he is sad to see me go.

So all in all it went very well. And man does word ever travel fast! The office manager immediately sent out an email to all the Practice Group Chairs announcing my departure and I have a feeling I'll be fielding alot of questions tomorrow. I've also been put on notice that the planning for the goodbye bash has begun...

After work, I had a meeting with a Financial Planner to figure out where I can stash my millions while I'm gone... I think we've got things pretty well sorted out, just have to forward some information to him and we'll get the ball rolling before my departure.

So that's that, I'm off to grab a bite to eat.



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