Sunday, March 20, 2005

Quarter of a century...

Well that's it, it's official. Twenty five years ago today (tonight at 11:43 to be precise) I was born. 24 was a good year, 25 should be a mind-blowing amazing year. Just got an email from someone who taught in Japan for a while and came back married. He says Utsunomiya is an AMAZING place to live. All the amenities of a large city but not as crowded, and being right in the mountains is amazing. This is a heck of a boost for me, I'd been starting to feel anxious because I haven't found that much info on Utsunomiya, but hearing that from someone who's been there is great.

Had a great big shindig last night, the whole clan came down and we had great fun. My plan was to finish off my litre bottle of Grey Goose and the little Peach Schnapps I had left.... didn't take much to finish both, I think it's the first time my family's seen me drink. People kept coming up to me saying "I thought you didn't drink" and I kept answering "I don't usually drink, but that doesn't mean I can't"... so I polished off both bottles and stumbled into bed around 1... no headache or anything this morning, that's just one benefit of drinking a premium Vodka....

Got the most amazing travel speakers for my laptop, they clip on to the sides of the screen and are powered through USB, they work quite well. Also got a lovely engraved tie-clip from my parents, and a couple of ties from my aunt... and cash, always good.

Today I got breakfast in bed (fruit with a chocolate dip) and then went out to lunch with my parents and brothers, then went to see Robots, which was awesome. Tonight for dinner it's BBQ, and then doing something with little B after dinner tonight, not sure what yet.



Blogger ZayZayEM said...

Oddness in Superstition:

Happy Birthday anyway.

2:14 AM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

Well 25 will certainly be a total transition year for me, and that's ok. If the first few hours of my 25th year are any sign, this year will be nothing short of amazing...

9:35 AM  

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