Thursday, March 31, 2005

Quick question for ya...

So I ask you this... what is the point of accepting car reservations online if you don't make the car the client reserves available?

Dropped by Thrifty's today to pickup my midsize (Ford Focus or Dodge Stratus type) vehicle only to be told that they didn't have any available. Now, about 60% of the reason for me renting a car for my trip down to Chatham this weekend was gas mileage, which ain't too too good on my truck. So the guy at the counter apologizes and says instead of a small yet comfortable and economical Focus:

They're giving me a great big honking, leather interior, top of the line, luxurious in a gas-guzzling kind of way Lincoln Town Car!

Now, I must admit it is a very nice car, lots of gadget (took me 10 minutes to figure out how to adjust my seat) and will be very comfortable to ride in for the two 7-8 hour trips I have ahead of me in the next few days but damn... 25 miles per gallon... the Focus gets 35... my truck gets 24 miles per gallon, so I guess I'm a tad better off with this behemoth of a car and its V8...

So that's that... hope I won't feel like an old man driving this thing... or a Pimp or something... we'll see...

Have a good weekend.

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