Thursday, March 17, 2005

Unearthed a Global Japanese conspiracy...

Serious news here folks... I was given secret surveillance video today which depict two people discussing a worldwide Japanese conspiracy. See the video in question and pass the word to all your friends and family.

ironically, I'm going to the Japanese Village for lunch tomorrow with some people who have birthdays around this time. Mine is this Sunday, hitting the big 25!

In other news... I went out and used my Sony Store Gift Certificate, which I received for Xmas from my dear friend Sean, to purchase a for my Sony DSC-W1 digital camera. I already have a 2.5x Telephoto lens for it, so I've got pretty much all the range I'll need for my travels to Japan. I have yet to decide whether or not I'll be bringing my kick-ass Nikon F65 35mm SLR with me or not... it may be one of those last items I decide to bring along if I have the room.

Aaaannnnd, I've accepted some extra evening on-call shifts from work. They're having problems hiring someone for the evening position in Montreal, so we're all pitching in to lend a hand. So on Monday and Tuesday for the next two weeks, I get to be attached to my cell phone from the hours of 5PM-10PM, helping people from Vancouver, Toronto, here, Montreal and Quebec City... hurrah. It's not that bad, it's just that when you're on call, you're not off-call... makes sense right? The extra money (one sixth of my hourly rate for every hour on call plus my full rate for any actual work I do) certainly isn't worth the hassle in my mind. I shouldn't complain, they had asked me to switch my shift to 2PM-10PM to cover the staffing shortage in MTL, which would have essentially killed what little social life I intend to have in the next 4 weeks I'll be working at OR.

Oh and happy St-Patrick's day, I even wore Green today, by accident but still... will be heading out for a few drinks, or at least an Irish Coffee at Monkey Joe's shortly.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonjour, je suis tombe sur ton blog en utilisant Stumble et j'ai lu le dernier message...vous cherchez du staff a Montreal? Pour faire quoi?
Je pars pour Kyoto en octobre mais d'ici la je suis libre pour aider si vous avez besoin de moi...


10:00 AM  

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