Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What a yoyo of a day

Oy. That's all I've got to say about it.... yeah not really so here goes...

For the last few weeks, I've been juggling two possible dates to give my 4 weeks notice at work. If I was to take 4 weeks off of work, I'd hand in my letter on March 18th. It I was to take only 3 weeks, I would hand in my letter on March 24th. Finally, early this week, I decided that I needed 4 full weeks off of work to prepare for my departure, visit with family and friends, maybe make a last trip out to Algonquin Park, etc etc etc. So March 18th was the day, there you go, all set in my mind and everything.

Early this morning, I realize that next week (March 10-15th) is March break for kids, and that people tend to take holidays during that time... sure enough, I look into it and our Office Manager is off all next week. Fine, I send her a quick email and ask for a meeting the Monday following her holidays... So March 21st was the day, there you go, all set in my mind and everything.

This afternoon, another marvelous event comes and jumbles things around. My boss wants to meet with me tomorrow to go over the "Goals and objectives" part of my Performance Evaluation. Now, I considered stalling him for a while but I think he'd like to get this done with so that wasn't possible. And I can imagine the conversation if I sit down with him tomorrow:
Marc: So what kind of objectives would you like to set for yourself for 2005?
Michel: Learn Japanese?
Marc: How about training? Any courses you might be interested in?
Michel: How to cook Japanese food?
I just cannot see myself pretending to set goals for the next year only to hand in my letter of resignation the following week. Not only would it be insulting to Marc, but it would be unprofessional, and hey, that ain't me.

So after discussing this with a few trusted advisors (you know who you are) I decided that it would be best if I give my notice tomorrow, March 10th, for a final day at work of April 15th. This would mean a little over 5 weeks notice for the Firm, which they should be grateful for, and almost 4 weeks off to get my stuff done before I leave.

Now that I've taken the decision, I'm kind of relieved I guess. It had begun to be a little weird at work, making plans and hearing about what was going on after my departure... kind of hard to stay motivated for stuff I won't be here to roll out.

So that's that, I'll post tomorrow to let you know what's what.

Ciao... or Sayonara I guess...



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