Tuesday, April 19, 2005

23 days and counting - The folding of the flag

Ever since I moved into this room, I've had a huge Canadian Flag draped across one of the walls. I bought the flag on Canada Day a few years ago in an unfortunately rare spurt of patriotism, no doubt brought on by the tens of thousands which surrounded me that night in downtown Ottawa.

This evening, to the mellow sounds of David Gray who happened to be leading into "As I'm leaving" I removed the flag from it's spot on my wall. With the help of my former navy-cadet brother Christian, I folded it properly into a tight triangle and put it in my suitcase. Funny how it's little moments like this that make me delve into thought. I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that in a matter of weeks, that flag will be draped across a wall in Japan, a country with which we were mortal enemies a mere 60 years ago. Funny how times change.

Guess my departure is starting to sink in, but it's been such a long time coming that it's a slow release. I'll make sure to enjoy my last 23 days here... I have 2 camping trips in the works, one 3-day and a 4-5 day, plus many meetings and dinners and lunches with friends. The time will certainly go by quickly.

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