Monday, April 11, 2005

Amazing weekend!

We of course all had an amazing time this weekend at Manoir St-Sauveur. It was great to see everyone one last time before I leave on Friday. There was much drinking and merriment of course and a great time was had by all (including my room mate, who will remain nameless, who drank too much and got sick in our room...forcing me to pack up my stuff and ask the front desk for another one.... but no biggie, happens to the best of us...)

The big surprise was the horse drawn carriage ride from the hotel to the restaurant for dinner on Saturday. That was great fun and we kept warm by drinking Caribou. (a mix of brandy, vodka, port and sherry served to partyers at Quebec City's outdoor Winter carnival to keep warm.) It was a hell of a sendoff and I'll miss these folks greatly.

So 31 days left, officially one month as of tomorrow, until I depart for the great yonder. I have a feeling the next little while will go by quite fast.



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