Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Busy week

Got back from Chatham Monday after, had a marvelous time of course, little Kadance is just simple the cutest thing on earth...
The Lincoln was quite comfy, and damn fast too... 724 km in a about 6 hours... and that includes driving through T.O. where my speed dropped to a measly 120-130 km/h, lol. Gas mileage was not as good as the Focus I was planning on, but I wouldn't have gone so fast with the focus. There's just something about having 8 cylinders at your disposal that makes it soooo tempting to just eat up the road. Averaged a gas mileage of about 11.6 litres of gas per 100 km... which isn't so bad considering the speed I was doing. The difference of pushing it to 140km/h from 100km/h was only like 0.4 litres per 100km...
So I've been on-call the last 2 nights, certainly won't miss that while I'm gone. Only 7 working days left out of the 5 weeks notice I gave and I'm making the following information Public as of now... drum roll please!.........................
It looks as if they are seriously considering not replacing me. There, I've said it. They've asked us to keep it quiet but it just had to get out. If it sparks a riot in OR's offices, too bad, I've kept quiet for a month already... Not really my problem in the end, but I feel bad for my co-worker, whose work environnment will go from excellent to stressful, stupid number crunchers....
On another note, the Gomery Inquiry into the Sponsorship Scancal is still in full swing with the Attorney General of Canada now threatening to take legal action against bloggers who link to a certain American blogger who is breaching the Publication Ban on testimony by Jean Brault and Chuck Guité. Justice Gomery has ruled that publication of their testimony before the commission would poison the jury pool from which a jury will be selected in a matter of weeks for these guys' criminal trials.

While it has been proved to be very simple for people to find Ed's blog through a simple Google search, anyone caught directly linking people Mr Morissey's site is subject to contempt of court and whatever penalties may come with it.

While I find that the integrity of these two men's trials should be upheld, I refuse to believe that all discussion on the matter should be quelched. Blogs, as seen during the US presidential election, have become a vehicle for opinions and information from around the World. The bottom line is that Canada is uncovering the rot within the Federal Liberal Party, who is of course forming the current government with their paltry minority. With the constant threat of an election, Canadians needs to know what the key players in this scandal have to say before we head to the polls again after less that a year.

But that's just my 2 cents on it, my riding did not go to a Liberal so I did my duty to keep these corrupt bastards out of Parliament....

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Blogger trm said...

I found your blog by accident today,and I just wanted to leave my message. I live in Tochigi,right now!! actually my city is a little bit far(1 hour by car)from Utsuomiya. Also,last year, I was in Vancouver and Halifax,Canada. These days,I do miss Canada. Are you excited coming to Japan?? Well,anyway....Good luck for your new job in Japan!!!

11:12 AM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

Yes, I am getting excited about the move, it's been a long process and I'm glad it's finally getting to the end!

10:52 PM  

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