Wednesday, April 20, 2005

First Contact

First Contact was made this morning with teachers who are working at my school in Utsunomiya.

The first to email was Kanako, a Part Time teacher (native Japanese obviously) working at the school. She thanks me for the beautiful postcards, mentions they're posted in the staff room and the everyone is looking forward to meeting me. She was emailing me from his phone, so kept it short...

The second email was from a fellow named Scott who is currently teaching in the School. He has been there 6 months and has just extended his contract because he likes the school and the staff. Very nice to hear that! Also talks a bit about the region and the great outdoorsy opportunities around. Sent him a few questions about the apartment and skiing and such, I'm assuming I'll hear back at some point, though since he was using an Internet Cafe... I won't hold my breath...

So very cool to be in touch, I'm sure I'll get the few questions I have left answered.

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