Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Ranger's last ride....

Drove my faithfull little truck one final time this morning, down the 417 like hundreds of times before... took it in to my father's work and went over all the little features with the buyer. Sat down in his office, filled out the paperwork and that was that, all I'm left with are two sad little plates... sniff.

That little Ranger did what I needed it to, actually went above and beyond my expectations. I think the proudest moment was when Sean and I were camping on Wickware lake which is only accessible through an ATV\Snowmobile trail. These 4-wheelers come blaring out of the bush and onto the beach where we were staying and stopped for a quick rest and to enjoy the view of the lake. They took a look at my truck and asked incredulously: "You drove this in here? Is it a 4x4?" Nope, it's not but I had a good set of tires on there, and I made my way in and out of that trail quite a few times with no problems... other than your head banging the roof of the truck from bouncing up and down on all those rocks and washouts and such. It's moved quite a few people, hauled quite a few trailers and taken me on dozens of wonderful camping trips.

We'll make a final trip to Wickware next week, one final camping trip in the wild before I leave, and the first without the Ranger. At least I'll still be in a Ford (Explorer) for the trip in...

Heading out to Sean's cottage tonight for a few days, should be nice and relaxing.

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