Sunday, May 08, 2005

80 hours left... most goodbyes are done... few more to go

Some people have asked why I haven't written up an update in so long... to which I tend to reply that it's difficult to login to blogger when you're sitting on the side of a quiet lake in Algonquin Park enjoying the call of the loons.... We had a wonderful time camping in the Gonq, squeezed in all the ritualistic camping fare into what will be my last trip up there for a while. In fact, I'm always amazed at how well we eat while camping. Steaks, fried potatoes, hamburgers and sausages (Complete with 3 different kinds of mustard), Chicken Wings, etc etc etc.... seem to eat better while in the bush than I do here at home sometimes...

Today was of course Mother's Day, and I gave my mother a crisp new 10,000 Yen bill to be used when she comes to visit. My father has now started coming around to also making the trip so I'll leave him some Yen for father's day as well. I was actually quite surprised since he's very uncomfortable with the whole flying thing... our trip down to Florida last year was pretty rough on him... lol But it is an experience of a life time to be able to go to Japan and have a personal travel guide. The whole family got together for the traditional Mother's Day BBQ, so I got to say my goodbyes to everyone en masse as it were.

Preparations are still coming along for my departure Thursday morning. I need to pick up some traveller's cheques, a belt and a pair of shoes and that's about it for purchases. On Wednesday night I'll be finalizing my Will and Powers of Attorney so that that's taken care of in the event of anything untimely. Other than that, it's just finishing packing up and getting my stuff into storage mode. Pretty busy couple of days this week...

Monday - Sherry is taking me shopping for my b-day and we're going to lunch. Then it's off to a goodbye dinner with Little B.
Tuesday - Packing and sorting my stuff during the day and one final Chinese take-out evening with Renee and Martijn.
Wednesday - My mother is taking the day off, finishing up the packing and such... then the legal documents and a few hours of sleep before heading off at 3AM that night for the airport.

As far as updates on here go, I'll probably throw one more up here on Wednesday night, then again in Chicago if I can get on the net at the airport. After that, my communications strategy goes down the tube for a while since my first week in Japan will be pretty hectic. I'll do my best to get something out there shortly after my arrival though... likely on the Sunday we have off from training....

Off to bed now, my last Sunday in Canada almost over...

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