Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A first Japanese teaching experience...

Hello all!

We're all working quite hard here in Omiya, trying to keep up with the huge amount of information being crammed into our brains, while trying to get over jetlag and take care of lesson planning and home work. The trainers here are great though, so that helps a lot.

The jet lag thing is working itself out... though we were all hit by it. (even an Aussie who only crossed one time zone over) We made a point of staying out all night the first night we were here, which means I was up for about 47 hours since I didn't get any sleep on the plane... and oddly enough we were up with the sun around 5AM... AAARRRRGGG!!! Getting better now, yesterday was 7AM, today 8...

So the trainers threw us to the wolves tonight and made us teach actual Japanese students with only a few days of training. Seriously, it wasn't that bad... They invited quite a few students from the region out tonight, paid their train and taxi as well as handed out some door prizes and they were willing guinea pigs as we tried teaching them the finer point of English Grammar such as "Has she ever ridden a horse?" "No, she has never ridden a horse, but she had ridden an elephant"... Quite amusing really. The students were great, it was nice to get a preview of what they'd be like...

Anywho, off to the shower with me, will post again in a few days, hopefully with some pictures.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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