Sunday, May 22, 2005

From Omiya to Utsunomiya, the transition from trainee to Sensei.

So Saturday morning, a few hours after we arrived home... we cleaned out the seminar house, packed up our things and headed out to the train station by taxis. AEONs trainers organized this very well and it went smoothly.

Here we all are outside the train station looking all prim and proper.

A final picture of Omiya, still amazed at the amount of idle taxis in this place.

Some Japanese ladies in traditional dress who were gracious enough to have their picture taken with me... notice the AEON pin on my jacket...

A Shinkansen (Bullet Train) pulling into Omiya Station. They are high-speed trains, did the 150 km journey to Utsunomiya in 30 minutes, including a 5 minute stop in Oyama.

My home in a business hotel across from the office for the next week... I move in to my apartment on Saturday.

After meeting everyone at the school and getting checked in, there was a Welcome\Goodbye party for me and the departing teacher at a nice place called Double. Got to meet and speak with around 40 of the schools students, it was alot of fun. This is the departing teacher Matt at Karaoke after the restaurant.

Some of AEONs students and staff in a Karaoke room... notice they are signing a Japanese song... very interesting...

Me and one of the Japanese teachers...

My welcome... the school gave me a Lavender plant for my apartment and Stacy, one of the foreign teachers gave me a box of cereal, a bowl and a spoon as well as an english newsletter from Utsunomiya.

Absolutely marvelous time here so far, everyone is nice and I will enjoy teaching these folks.

Thats about it for now, talk at ya later.

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