Sunday, May 29, 2005

My little slice of Japan...

Well as promised... here are the pictures I took this afternoon after about 4 hours of cleaning and vaccuming.... this place will do just fine for me... just need to replace the rug (stupid dusty and dirty) and purchase some kind of sitting accessory... maybe a small loveseat???

So here's the show.... first pic is of the view from my balcony. Straight ahead is a large Park and a gorgeous shrine that I'll go photograph on a nice sunny day.

Second shot is a different angle from my balcony... see the building to the left with the P on it? That's about three quarters of the way to work... nice short walk... or an even shorter bike ride.

Here's a shot of the Maple Leaf I put up this morning... staking out my little piece of Japan... The table on the floor is a genuine Kotatsu... there are blankets that go under the main part of the table and a heater underneath the table to stay cozy in Winter...

Here's a shot of the main living area... I may move things around again but am thinking of buying a love seat or something and moving the table into the middle of the room. Also please notice the Ski Canada fridge Magnet Rene gave me before I left... the second personalization to this apartment...

This is the "kitchen"... I won't be able to cook anything too elaborate....

A shot of the very busy wall... the big grey thing on the left is an old Futon which is being discarded shortly... and my luggage will be going in the closet once the other futon that's in there is thrown out... Yoshi (Asst. Manager of the school... one of the most polite, quiet and nicest guys I've ever met...) says that's "soon".

This is Trinity, passed on down from teacher to teacher... serves as a quick way to get to work and an easy way to carry groceries... I don't quite trust myself with her in busy streets during the day.... but at night once the crowds thin out I can get around pretty easily.

Sooooo, I have a little shopping to do... and once Yoshi gets rid of the extra crap in my apartment, I'll be able to finish settling in. I've got a nice big closet which is great, my skis'll go in there... still have to clean the kitchen and bathroom and that's about that...

Also, as I was saying goodbye to my managers last night and thanking them profusely for their help in getting me settled in, Satomi (Manager) told me some students had gone to talk to her about me and said they really enjoyed my lessons... woohoo! Success! I've taken to this pretty easily... I can look over a lesson and teach it in about 5 minutes now.... down from like 8 hours during training... lol I'll enjoy myself here for sure...

Scottmeister is waiting for me downstairs so I've gotta run... will touch base again soon!

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Blogger Hanuman1960 said...

Very exciting!

I have always wanted to travel to Japan, so, I will living vicariously through you! :)

Looking forward to future postings!!

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Sherry said...

The pics of your apartment are pretty nice! It is not near as bad as I thought it was gonna be! However I DONT know how you lived in that hotel for a week! THAT LOOKS SMALL!

You still have not emailed me your mailing address or phone number or ANYTHING, and you said you would. Get your butt in gear.

Glad you are having a good time. I think about you every day and check your blogs lots.
I miss you!

1:16 AM  
Anonymous Sean said...

Hey Mitchamoto Sensei!

Nice Digs! Actually much larger than I had thought. You do however seriously need wall shelves! Hey, I could see about busting Martha Stewart out of house arrest on the condition that she goes and does a little storage and organization work on your appartment. What do you think? Could be "A good thing". She should be familiar with small living spaces by now, and must have gotten some good ideas. Then again, so long as you have a pathway, you're fine! (A-la-Lewis Bunker).

Take care, have big fun, and take lots of pictures. (That way, you don't have to trust you memory. Tequila anyone?)

7:24 AM  

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