Sunday, May 22, 2005

We are now (insert name here)-Sensei...

I have found what will serve as my lifeline back home until I can get Internet access at home in a few weeks... a little Internet Cafe called Wall Street Cafe where I can sit and have an iced coffee and keep in touch.

It has been a crazy week, very tiring and fun at the same time. Here is the story... complete with some pictures... of the last night and morning in Omiya with the group of teachers.

After a long week of lessons, homework and yes partying... we are now officialy AEON graduates and teachers. On Thursday night, the President of AEON East Japan and director of customer/employee satisfaction for the entire company came and gave a one hour speech on our importance for the company as the face of AEON to its students. When's the last time the President of a company (of this size, AEON has about 400 schools in Japan) came and spoke with you after your orientation? I thought it was great. The line which stuck with me was: "While it is true that your school has many many students, you do not have 300 or 400 students. You only have 1 student, +1 +1 +1 +1" I thought that greatly summed up AEONs mentality and vision for its student, thats why I joined!

So Friday, we officially graduated from the training class (one of the group did not make it) and received our AEON pins. That night we went against the trainers advice and went out quite late. Here are some pictures:

This was our first stop for the night, a lovely traditional Japanese restaurant.

This is some sashimi I ordered called maguro, essentially raw tuna... very nice, very smooth and soft... melts in your mouth.

This is the second place we hit, a very nice club called Lagoon on the strip near the station. Very nice place, had many a vodka-tonic there... before running into tequilla and other shots.... The fellow with me is Ateve Araki, one of the teachers I trained with all week.

This is a shot of me with Leah, another of the trainees for the week.

Here is a shot of Leah, Robert (from T.O.) and Caroline (Aussie)

These are some Japanese folks who were enjoying our company to practice their english... we are definately treated as superstars down here...

Our arrival at a Karaoke place... the effects of the tequila are being felt... the night gets fuzzy from here on in...

Alcohol bad...

And that was pretty much the night... got back home and the sun was coming up... pretty harsh wake up for our departure on Saturday... but thats another story. Had a great time, we had a great group, the trainers were amazing... I love AEON!

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