Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Counselling week...

This week is counselling week at the school, which means we have no regular classes. We are doing demo lessons for the Self-Study materials AEON has put together, offering counselling sessions for students and Free-Talk (free as in not constrained by rules, not free as in no money needed) and a few other very interesting tid-bits for our students. The days are a little more relaxed, since the demo lessons are only 25 minutes as opposed to our full fledged lessons which are 50 minutes and I enjoyed yesterday immensely. The slow down also lets us work on lessons for the next few weeks, so this Counselling thing is just perfect timing for me... after 2 weeks of teaching, I can sit back, have a look at what worked and what didn't and rework any lessons I need to so that the next time around (in 4 months) all goes smoothly.

That isn't to say that things are not going smoothly, they most certainly are... I can't give my students enough credit... they are so motivated to learn it makes my job very easy.

This morning, I was up rather early so I started writing out postcards to be distributed throughout Ottawa. Luckily I grabbed 2 packs this weekend in Mashiko because with every card I write, I seem to remember someone else who should get one!!! Still haven't attempted to figure out the postal system here but I'll be able to get a hand with that if I have any problems. Apparently the Main Post Office here in Utsunomiya has English speaking staff so it shouldn't be a problem.

I MISS MY POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS!!! I've been kind of out of touch with the news and such the last few weeks, just now starting to get caught up and some of the things I've heard (little miss Belinda allowing herself to be bribed with a Cabinet position and crossing the floor to save the Fiberal government... Aaaaarrrrggg!) makes my blood boil! I used to be able to turn to any number of people to vent but down here, Canadian politics aren't exactly a hot-button topic. Thankfully both Stacy (from BC) and Scott (Aussie) have been kind enough to let me throw some talk their way for a bit...

Oh, and I'm now officially finished eating out of Lawson's or other convenience stores.... mostly... I did my groceries on Monday and have been eating dinner at home since... My next food-related mission it to find instant-curry, and figure out how to make my rice cooker cook rice... sounds sinple right? Well it would be other than the fact that the control panel is entirely in Japanese.... and I think Matt was only using it as a clock (considering it was next to his bed, not in the kitchen) and so I didn't really get much in the way of instructions... shouldn't be that complicated though, I have a translation of the control panel somewhere....

So that's about that, on Sunday, I think I'll make a trip to some kind of superstore Stacy told us about and see if I can fill in my apartment with more junk... lol

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could never figure out the damn rice cooker. It actually spent the majority of my time there in the closet. I left the instructions the teacher before me made under the rice cooker, but they're kind of in Japanese too, so they might not help much (they didn't help me!).

4:14 PM  

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