Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy Canada Day!

Dear Canada,
Happy Birthday, it's been a long road since 1867, and I apologize for not being there for your birthday. You should know that we are celebrating this occasion here on the other side of the planet with our little version of Canada Day festivities. Stacy and I will be passing out some Canadian memorabillia to students today to mark you 138th birthday... and then after work we're heading out for dinner... unfortunately no fireworks, Tsuyu (Rainy season) has started and I doubt we could light anything off. Remember the bash we had for your 125th? Man was I ever lucky to live in Ottawa for all the great times on Parliament Hill over the years. It's funny how the Canadian Flag only really comes out maybe one week before Canada day and then disapears back into closets and drawers until next year. On the flip side, the Canadian Flag was the first thing to grace my walls here in Japan... as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder... maybe everyone should go abroad for a while to learn how to really appreciate what they have. Anyways, I've got to go in to work soon... yes I know I usually have the day off for your birthday but not this year...
Take care, have a good party, don't drink too much beer (but have one for me!) and have a blast on the Hill with the hundreds of thousands of people who will be partying all night to great music no doubt...
With Love, Michel

Anywho now that my mini tribute to Canada is done, let's move on... The Internet Connection thing looks like it may take a few weeks... for all Japan's advanced technology they still seem to be bogged down by bureaucratic procedures like I've never seen! Forms filled out in triplicate, stamped here here and here, faxed copies of this and that, calls back and forth... sheesh! But it will get done eventually.
So Tsuyu finally showed itself this week after a couple of weeks of delays. It has rained at least once per day/night since Monday and I'm fine with that. There was begining to be talks of water shorteages in Western Japan and that's just not cool. Speaking of cool, the rain cooled things down too... from 36 on Saturday to mid-twenties today...
We've had a schedule change at work due to government bungling. (and here I thought I would escape that by leaving Canada) The Social Insurance Agency decided that foreign workers working more than 30 hours per week were required to sign up for Social Insurance, which includes health care and pension. The problem is that the cost of this thing is 30,000Y per month, or roughly $300CAD... kind of ridiculous since I'll never touch the Pension money... and we have private health insurance. So to stop from losing a significant chunk of our income, AEON cut back our working hours to 29.5 hours per week... I still teach the same ammount and this doesn't change anything in my salary so it was nice of them to give us this out...
Anywho, I'd better run in to work.... I hear Thunder coming in and don't want to be stuck out in too hard a downpour... I hear Tochigi is susceptible to some pretty amazing lightning shows... hopefully I'll be able to witness some over the summer and take some nice pictures too.

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Anonymous Mighty Kai said...

Hello Co-Father,

I just wanted to let you know that although I have been orphaned by both my Co-Fathers, I have had visitors. I am well, and guarding your point for your return. The wind, rains, snow, and freezing have not caused my footing to faulter. I understand I have inherrited my Co-Fathers' gift of having Great Under-Standing.
With eyes open, enjoy the rains of Japan. With Eyes closed, remember the lake, the beach, and the great greywall that drove you to your tents.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous S'Mee said...

Well done Mophone!

Glad to hear the maple syrop still flows strongly through your veins. Canada Day was great. Much fun indeed. Be good, be bold, and should you find you have some regrets, be proud of the experiences that led you to them. Better to regret what you did, than regret not having done something at all.


11:26 AM  

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