Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm halfway there!

Finally, after a long six weeks of incommunicadoeness, I have now opened the portal to the wonderful world of Japanese telecomunications. Long story short? I have a cell phone!!! And not just any cell phone, a Japanese cell phone which automatically adds layers of coolness to the simple act of buying a phone. Now, I've never been one for gadgets all that much (stop laughing) but damn...

Case in point, I opted for the free model, which in Canada would be somewhere between the tin-cans-connected-with-a-string model and the most-components-made-of-lead model. Well here in Grande ol' Japan, free gets me the Docomo P506iC, which has so many features I killed the battery last night trying to figure it out. It's even got a 2MP camera, which I don't really need since I've got my Sony and carry it with me whenever I go out... but that's cool too!

So that's half the communications chalenge over with thanks to Madoka! Now, to tackle the complex world of Japanese Internet Service Providers and their relationship with the phone companies... should be an interesting ride... I'll keep you posted...

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Anonymous Smee said...

Gadgets? What's wrong with gadgets? I prefer to think of them as hi-optioned tools in effective packaging. I'm a gadget junkie, but a low tech one thank-you-very-much.

5:13 PM  

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