Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Made up my mind

Yup, that's that... I've decided I'm leaving for Beijing, China on August 10th for a quick 5 day trip. I dropped by the Japan Travel Bureau Tuesday morning and while the tickets are expensive, I think they're well worth the cost. Travel is one of my priorities while I'm here in Asia and national holidays are the only stretches I have to travel so I have to take advantage of it now. When else in my life will I be a few hours flight away from Beijing, Bangkok, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Manilla, Shanghai, and Seoul???

So here's the plan... Monday I will go buy my tickets, hopefully with some Japanese help. Then I will visit the immigration office and get a multiple re-entry visa, which means I can leave and return to Japan as often as I want. I also need to figure out how to get a Visa for China through the Embassy in Tokyo. Scott says I should be able to send them my passport and get it back with the Visa in a week or so. Someone left a comment saying they knew a good guide in Beijing, I'll try and book him and a hotel and that will be about that!

I will essentially be doing the typical tourist visit of Beijing with one deviation. Instead of visiting the Badaling Great Wall, where all the tour groups go, I would like to go out a bit further to Simatai where the wall stretched accross some pretty rugged lands, which means not as many tourists and a good hike.

Other than that, I'll see the obvious sights... Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tienanmen Square, etc.

So that's about that... oh and I really should learn to heed my own warnings as posted on this blog of mine. Went out for "a" beer again last night and while we didn't have 7, we had more than "1"... sheesh... cooking dinner at midnight was interesting... lol

I get my cell phone today! Assuming things don't go crazy at work that is... and hopefully the Internet soon as well...

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