Tuesday, June 14, 2005

May as well give me Japanese citizenship now...

Yup, there's no point in just making me a resident... make me a citizen... I think I passed the final test this morning. When I woke up and saw the rain, I debated walking to work instead of biking. However the fact that that would in fact DOUBLE my commuting time (6 minutes instead of 3) meant that I chose to bike to work anyway. Of course seeing as it WAS raining, I had to join the other Japanese hardcore bikers and bike while holding an umbrella... So there it is, the final test of foreigners before they're admitted as citizens of Japan, I have ridden a bicycle around the busy morning streets with one hand while holding an umbrella in the other... is there a form I have to fill out now or something???

As for the ongoing saga of my battle with the rice cooker... the opening salvo was fired Monday afternoon around 5PM and casualty reports from both sides are still coming in. At first glance, the rice seems to have lost the battle, since it was in fact cooked. However an early offensive by rician special forces caused me some damage and the rice was rather pasty. As with most military operations, better intelligence may be the key to cracking this one. A small commando unit was dispatched deep into enemy territory and returned with a highly sensitive document titled: "Instruction Manual". However, this document seems to be encrypted using some kind of Asian-language based code which I hope the staff at the office can help me crack. Armed with this new found information, I feel victory is inevitable. More on this subject later.

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