Sunday, June 05, 2005

More party pictures!!!

Motoki, one of our students, made a CD of the pictures he took during My Welcome/Matt's goodbye parties my first week here... here's a selection of some of the best shots... you can put a face to some of the names I've been throwing out there!

We were at a nice restaurant called Double. This is Sayaka (the head teacher at the school) on the left with Chika.

Sayaka and Motoki, gotta love those smiles!!!

Motoki and Yasuko (Japanese teacher at the school)

Motoki and I

Motoki and Scott (foreign teacher)

Motoki and Yoshi (asst. manager)

Motoki and Stacy (foreign teacher)

Stacy and Satomi (our manager)

Nice group shot of Isao, Tomoko, Chika, Matt (departing teacher) and Scott. At this point we'd moved on to Karaoke!


Motoki and I

Yasuko and I, notice Matt's hat has started a journey around the room.

Yasuko and I again.

Matt and Scott with... I think Tomomi??? Not 100% certain on that one... my apologies.

On the Friday after my arrival, Matt's last day in Utsunomiya, some student threw a little going away party for him at their place. Here's a pictures of our wonderful hosts, Isao and Tomoko. The food was amazing, the beer (and other spirits) flowed freely... it was a good night. 2 things really stick out. One is Tomoko's Guacamole which totally blew me away and the other is a Honeydew melon they took out later in the evening which was amazingly ripe and juicy... grown in Japan, I guess that's what happens when it's not trucked up to Canada from Florida/California...

The foreign teachers enjoying a wonderful meal.

Surprise addition to the shot

Angry faces!!!

The three musketeers on their last night together...

4 of the 5 Japanese members of the shindig... Isao, Hirofumi, Mieko and Motoki.

Great first week in Utsunomiya!!!

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