Saturday, June 18, 2005

Warning to all Canadians travelling to Japan

(This warning also applies to Australians, Germans, Irish, and other beer-loving nationalities)

When visiting Japan, all foreign nationals from the above noted nations should be advised of one important fact. Unlike beer in America and other places where they attempt to pass off slightly alcoolized versions of carbonated water, the breweries in Japan have mastered the art of making beer and it is oddly addicting.

Before coming to Japan, I considered myself to be a non-beer drinker, that rapidly changed due to the cost relative to my beloved Vodka and due to the fact that Japane beer (of which I've tried quite a few kinds) goes down quite easily... especially when served in an iced mug as seems to be the practice in some Izakayas (Japanese Pubs).

Case in point, Scott and I decided to have a quick beer and a little food last night after work. Well one beer turned into 2, turned into 4 and I think we stopped at 5 around midnight or so. Scotto-sensei is quite the travelling man, having visited 35 (or more) different countries in the last 8 (I think) years. He's experienced a whole lot and it's really interesting to sit around with him at a table with a couple of beers.

This afternoon, I'm going to see Saharah with a student of mine, my first visit to a Japanese movie theater... wish me luck! lol

Tomorrow Satomi and I will take the walk down to City Hall to get my ARC, and then open a bank account. Will be nice to get the final little details sorted out... I think I'll try to get one of the Japanese staff to come to Docomo with me on Tuesday to pickup a cell phone... it's been really difficult making plans with no means of communications... will be great to be back in touch!

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