Friday, July 29, 2005

Dinking and blogging is a serious problem.

Last year, the F.B.A. (Foreign Blogging Association) recorded over 123 million incidents of drinking and blogging. Drinking and blogging, while not as serious as drinking and driving, has serious consequences nonetheless. Last year alone, the phenomenon led to:
  • 6.1 million incidents of failed relationships due to often too frank comments about one's partner.
  • 3 million incidents of job-loss due to innapropriate comments about one's boss or company.
  • 437 cases of missing persons, likely related to comments about the mob, including 16 cases of members of the Witness Protection Program breaking their cover, and disappearing shortly thereafter.
As you can see, drunken blogging can have serious repercussions, which is why I am quite pleased at my capability to avoid blogging while drunk, especially last night when I actually had stuff (Tokyo mainly) to talk about...

Yesterday was Master Noriyuki's birthday, and we forced him to leave work for a few hours and come out for a beer with us. This simple event of going out to the Lion's Head last night will likely cost me mucho money during my stay in Utsunomiya. Why? Well, the place was packed, we think due to the end of the JET program, with foreigners so we were crammed against the side of the wall next to the door. As I happened to glance at said wall, I thought I was dreaming. Right there on a small shelf was a large bottle of the renowned Grey Goose vodka I have been sorely missing since my arrival in Japan. After glancing at the bar, I was dismayed to see no bottle on display, which would explain why I have never noticed this fine spirit at this establishment before. After asking Yosh to talk to the bartender about it, he headed over to the wall, grabbed the bottle and proceeded to uncork it for me and pour us a generous splash... woohoo! While it may be waaaayyyy too convenient to have a source of such marvelous vodka so close to work and home, I won't be complaining much. Actually, Madoka showed me a store which sells Grey Goose yesterday near the station, and for about half the price of what I was paying back home... not too shabby... I regret buying that Smirnoff last weekend.

So the first trip to Tokyo yesterday went well, I'm pretty confident I can figure out the train system now, nothing too too complicated. The ticket machines for the Shinkansen have English support, and the maps and signs in the subway stations also all have English so I'll be able to find my way back to the head office in Nishi-Shinjuku on Monday with no problems. How to describe Tokyo... HOT, packed with people, lots of foreigners, lots of people on the train even at what you would expect to be "quiet" times for the transit system... outside of rush hour. I couldn't imagine travelling during rush hour... though it looks like I may have to since my training starts at 11 on Monday. I'll have to leave here on a train around 9AM at the latest, hit Tokyo station around 9:40 and then hop onto the crammed subway to make my way to Shinjuku...

Tomorrow, I will be heading out to Oyama for a Hanabi (fireworks) festival, should be quite lovely... which means I will have to figure out the local trains here by myself... especially to get back here early enough to get some rest for the day of travelling on Monday... we'll see how that goes... lol

Anywho, off to work with me... busy day ahead.

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