Saturday, July 09, 2005


There will be a slight addition/modification to the content of this journal over the next little while. I've begun reading a book called Dogs and Demons, by Alex Kerr who grew up in Japan and has lived here all his life. The book is essentially a cry for help from someone who truly cares about Japan. Why a cry for help? Well there's some stuff going on in Japan that not many people on the outside quite know about, and he's trying to figure it out or at least to ring the warning bells so people take notice.

Now, don't get me wrong (here's the disclaimer part) no matter what opinions I will be posting on here, I still love Japan and life here is absolutely wonderful. BUT as Scott likes to say: "Japan isn't all Ikabana and Kabuki" and I feel it's important for me as part of my Japan experience, to look at the whole picture.

I'm sure it'll help me understand why some of the things I've seen are the way they are. How did the streets of traditional Japan become cemented over and lined with Pachinko Parlours and Hostess Bars? Why is it that all of Japan's rivers have been turned into lifeless conrete troughs through which only a few inches of water filters it's way down stream? Why is almost 60% of the coastline of Japan cemented over and "protected" by large concrete Tetrapods? How is it that a nation which creates and exports most of the World's High Technology products doesn't use any of it? Those are just a few of the things I've thought about since I got here.

I will still be exploring beautiful Japan and posting plenty of pictures, so things here won't change all that much... I'll just be looking at things with a slightly different eye is all.

Anywho, heading over to meet Scotto for a walk.

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