Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fantastic day in Utsunomiya

After the amount of rain we've received over the last few days, it was quite the pleasant surprise this morning to wake up to a gorgeous blue sky and amazing sunshine. I can say without a doubt that this has been the nicest weather I've seen since coming to Japan in May. For the last few months, even on sunny days, visibility was limited due to a constant haze and most of the time there were low-lying clouds floating around blocking any direct sunlight.

Today, it was amazing and really too bad that I had to be at work, though I had a window to look out of all day so I could enjoy a small part of the weather. The sunlight certainly brings out the colours.

So other than the weather, today was a good day... even though there were a few oddities. First of all, all my classes today were single student affairs, which is odd. I guess maybe everyone was out and about enjoying the weather? So my students got private lessons today, which is great for them. The second oddity was my first student interview... which went well-ish... I didn't get the flow down quite well enough but the training was two months ago after all. It still went well and I'm certain I pegged him at the correct level. As they say, practice makes perfect so I'm confident I'll improve my ways.

On that note, I will be visiting Tokyo for the first time on Friday, since I am attending an interview workshop with Madoka-sensei at the Head Office in Shinjuku. Should be an interesting trip, and I have to pay attention since I'll have to make the same trip down on Monday for my follow-up training... on my own... Having not braved the famous Japan trains yet (AEON-arranged travel upon my arrival doesn't count really) I am glad to get the chance to try them out.

Another newly added wonder in my day since my return to the world of the Internet connected is CFRA radio ( which I used to listen to fairly frequently back home, mostly when driving. Luckily, they have web-based audio streaming, which means I can listen to local news any time. CFRA is talk-radio and is now giving me my daily dose of politics and discussion on Canadian and world issues which I've missed dearly since coming to Japan. I get a good balance between day and night with Lowell (Right-Wing commentary) after I get home from work and Michael Harris (centre-ish commentary) in the morning before going in to work. Life is good.

How good? Well for example, I took advantage of my extended lunch break today to do my grocery shopping then headed home to whip up some lunch, check my email and have a quick cat-nap... not too shabby eh? Gotta love the 3-minute commute!

And then of course as is now tradition on Wednesday evening, we headed out for a quick beer and some grub at one of the local pubs around work. Tomorrow we're heading out to Al-Noor for lunch, which I hope will also turn into a weekly tradition... the most amazing indian curry I've ever had.

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