Thursday, July 21, 2005

Finally Online!

Well that's that, after 69 days without, I am now online with Yahoo BB! Woohoo!

Nice to be able to check a couple of email while the rice-cooker does it's thing.

It was pretty easy too, just plugged everything in and it was working... not sure if I should be doing anything else, I'll bring the directions in to work for some translation...

This is definately the way to surf the net... no longer worried about 100 Yen charges for every 15 minutes, I was able to catch up on news back home (NHL strike is over and the Sens may get Gary Roberts from T.O.... WOOHOO! Go Sens Go!) and bought some credit for skype and tried out a few calls. Seems to work ok, and it's super cheap so I think it will be my method of choice for communicating back home. Called Home and left a message, I think they're on the road back from Northern Ontario... called Sherry to say hello, called Brigitte to say hello and left a page for Mr. Lewis who initially turned me on to this Skype thing.

So I figure I'll be on MSN ( an Skype (michellafleur) at some point between 9AM and 12PM Japan time (8PM-11PM Eastern Time) if anyone wants to drop in and say Hi.

Anywho, I have some patches and updating to do on my computer... I have been offline for over two months after all... You can take the guy out of the tech shop but you can't take the tech shop out of the guy!

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