Thursday, July 14, 2005

A good night

Well, it's 3AM and I am quite ashamed to say that I have just arrived home. (yes I know Stacy, just another 5 minutes)

Spent a wonderful night enjoying Suda-san's hospitality, and wine, and great food, and wine, and conversation, and beer, and some nameless Chinese 53% alcohol.
Having heeded Matt's warning not to try and keep up with our host, I am doing OK.

And now allow me to thank god for a schedule which still allows me 8 hours of sleep after a night out.
Mobile SushiandMapleSyrup

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Anonymous S'Mee said...

Jus think, all the times I used to call you Bubble Boy, I never knew it was a beer bubble! (Or champagne, etc., etc.)

11:18 AM  

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