Thursday, July 07, 2005

Good times... in class

I think I've finally figured things out. After teaching the same students 5-6 times now, I actually remember them!!! And now I'm getting to know them and the dynamics of each class, so teaching is quite enjoyeable.
I've started watching the NHK news at 10PM which are translated into English. It's pretty interesting watching a Japanese newscast... especially when political matters are concerned. It seems that they interview like EVERY member of the Diet for their comments and air them ALL! Not just the PM and a few ministers but the leaders of each opposition party (including the communists which I found amusing) as well as a selection of rag-tag others who all say the same thing about the issue. And another thing I've noticed is that they constantly remind us of who such and such memebr used to be. For example, when presenting Mr.X they say: "and now we'll hear from Mister X, former deputy-minister in charge of defence, former speaker of the house and former LDP party chief." I guess it's not enough to give one's name and current position, they also have to give us his resume too!!! It's interesting though, they certainly go in depth on issues I guess. Sports is another amusing segment where they focus on specific american baseball teams who have Japanese players and give them higlights of the night's game, before moving on to Japanese league sports. Interesting...
This weekend, I believe I will see if anyone is interested in a movie night at my place, I've finally got the place decked out about how I want it. Picking up some window coverings and maybe something else today but it's shaped up nicely.
Noticed a sign on the elevator yesterday which had been there for a week... unfortunately for me it was all in Japanese so I took a picture of it with my trusty camera phone and took it in to work for a translation. Seems the landlady is testing fire alarms today and will be entering our apartments... which means that I used the chain on my door for the first time since I've been here... just in case I'm in the shower or something when she tries to get in. I guess having a camera phone is a good thing after all...
This London bombings thing is a little nuts. I heard about it last evening before classes as I was checking up on the news, though at the time it was considered to be an electrical problem... I guess that was before the other explosions on other trains and on the bus. I think it's a pretty stupid thing to do really... like the British will just simply pull out of Iraq and withdraw their support because they've been attacked at home. Londoners were bombed incessantly in the 40s and the home front never crumbled. They've been attacked by IRA bombers for years on end and haven't given in... what kind of moron would think that a nation who beat off the Nazis would suddenly roll over to a bunch of muslim extremists bent on spreading terror? This attack played right into the US's hand. A few days after Bush starts a PR campaign to bolster support for his anti-terror war, a major attack happens in an Allied country, while that country is hosting the G8 summit (in Ireland) and the morning after it was named as an Olympic city for 2012.
But that's enough politics for now, I need to head home and get ready for work and if I don't leave now, I may launch into a diatribe of epic proportions.

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Anonymous I'm-not-sayin'...I'm-just-sayin' said...

Nice synopsis of the British and their situation. Going back to the 40's thing, have you ever heard the conspiracy theory that pops up with regards to Pearl Harbour? (Thin I grant you, but there is a tie-in to Japan, ergo this blog) It goes something like: The British Inteligence had substantial and solid information before the raid that Japan would indeed attack the Naval Base. It was decided after a discussion within British Power, and even certain "right-minded" people in America not to share that information with the U.S. Dept. of Defence, The Office of the Navy or anyone for that matter. The idea being that it would take a direct attack on U.S. soil before the US got involved in the war. A "European" war that most Americans didn't want any part of, but those rascally "right-minded" people did. A war that Brittain was getting a thrashing in, and the outcome was unsure at best.

Anyone picking up on the similarities here? CIA, FBI, NSA, Guantanamo Bay, etc. etc. and not one pice of information on an upcomming attack? Not even the typical American increase of their color threat codes (that they used to do based on "intel" all the time, but rarely amounted to anything).

Want to fight a bully? Let him punch your friend in the eye first, just to have that someone guarding your six when it's your turn again.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not sayin'.....I'm just sayin'.

10:24 PM  

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