Saturday, July 23, 2005

Long day... though it did its silver lining

I am pleased to say that today was the first day since my arrival in Japan which I consider to be a "long day."

Why am I pleased to say that? Because I've been here over 2 months and it's the first time I've had a "long day."

Why was today long? Well unfortunately we lost a third of our foreign teaching staff to a nasty attack of a cold, which means that my usually busy Saturday went from 9 hours of work with 6 lessons and 3 hours of non-teaching time to 9 hours of work with 8 lessons and a quick 20 minute break for Bento. I must admit the day went by pretty quick but too bad if I wasn't my normal Genki self once the 7PM Frontiers class rolled around... lol

As I said, there were some silver linings... one of which may involve a possible female presence in my life, which is all I am willing to say about that right now. The second silver lining was the promise of a great AEON party tomorrow night. I found out it was all you can drink for two hours... so I think I'll show the Beer Garden staff just what us Cannucks are made of!!! The final silver lining was a quick trip to an Izakaya with Scott to shed the stress of the day over some kim-chee rice, seafood salad and of course the requisite beers served in iced mugs. It was a wonderful end to a long day and was a great start to the weekend. If we were able to put away 4 beers in an hour while talking and eating (and while paying for each of them)... the beer garden tomorrow has it's work cut out for it... lol

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