Monday, July 04, 2005

Scratch that idea

Well I had planned to do some exploring today, but it's been raining for about 18 hours now with no sings of letting up. This must be the famous Tsuyu starting up a little late.

I did take a 2 hour walk with the the help of my trusty umbrella, ended up checking out a few stores looking for a few things for my place.

So the excursion in the 'hood has been put off to a day with less wetness falling from the sky.

Mobile Sushiandmaplesyrup singing off.

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Anonymous S'Mee said...

Textmeister Mophonomoto Sensei,

Man, you are getting too many nicknames out of this trip! I guess we can say your bubble has pretty much burst. No more Jean du Bubble. You'll have to check Japan for an underwater housing for your camera. Then, it just won't matter any more. Funny, I thought Japan would be much more gadget-filled than it appears. Or, maybe I've just become gadget-saturated, and turned jaded. Gore-Tex my friend. That magic material that can have you stomping the biggest puddles, yet staying dry.

Sploosh one for me!


11:44 AM  

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