Monday, July 25, 2005

Yamaya, corrupter of all things good and innocent

Scott came over today and we headed out for one of our frequents walks. Today, I thought we should head out to Utsunomiya Higashi library and see if we can say hello to Riyo and her friends and maybe get ourselves added to the ranks of library card holders.

Unfortunately the library was closed but we did stop in to Yamaya on the way back. Yamaya is a combination Liquor\Exotic food store which has truly amazing prices on some things. While I had no real intention to purchase anything today, I found myself grabbing a basket and filling it up anyway! Amazing prices on booze, Khalua was 1050Y (about 10$) and the premium Smirnoff (it ain't Grey Goose but it'll do) was only 1200Y! So of course while I was there I also picked up some juice, pringles, and crunchy peanut butter... Stacy had showed both Scott and I this place when I first moved here but it's importance never registered until today. I can now shake up a couple of drinks if anyone is interested in dropping on by... lol

And of course, within minutes of arriving back home, I had a lovely refreshing screwdriver icing in a mug... gotta love it.

And this bounty comes on the heels of an announcement by the Liquor store workers in my native Ontario that they intend to strike shortly before a major holiday weekend.... hohum...

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Anonymous S'Mee said...

Yamaya....I think I may have dated her sister. That's my excuse anyhow. Don't worry too much about us Ontarians. At lest not we who border on the Belle Province. Besides, you know me, I've already stock-piled!

Yay long weekend!!

1:23 PM  

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