Saturday, August 20, 2005

Another good night...

Had a great night last night after work. Went to Cafe Praktika (check out their site here) with Akiko, a former AEON student who just came back from France. She speaks pretty good French, has a French accent and everything, it was nice to talk French for a few hours with someone for the first time since coming to Japan. Unfortunately, she's hooked up with a guy from France, and she's going back there for 9 months starting in September. I hope the staff at Cafe Praktika don't take me for a player or something, that's 2 weekends with 2 different girls... lol But both have ended up having significant others... dagnabit. Maybe I should start asking if they're attached up front?

Just had another "minor" quake here a couple of minutes ago... I think they'll all be minor for me from now on after the rumbler we got last week. Only lasted about a minute, gentle side to side shaking. This quake was located a good hundred and some kilometres from here off the western coast of Japan, magnitude 5.1 it's amazing how far these things travel. By the way, for anyone interested in checking out any quakes they feel while in thise wonderful Japan of ours, or anywhere else in the world for that matter... just go to the USGS web site at: and click on your region. You'll get a map showing recent activity as well as a list of the quakes a little further down the page. People keep asking me how often we have quakes in Canada and are quite surprised when I tell them I've never felt any. We have them on rare occasions, but they're usually small enough that no one really notices, or people think it was just a truck driving by. I guess Canada's pretty solid geologically.

So after dinner, we joined the crowd at Modern for the first of Stacy's going away parties. We only have another week and a bit before she heads off to Aichi for her intensive Japanese course and the farewell festivities are kicking into high gear! She's been such a big part of the school for so long that people will really miss her.

It's a funny phenomenon this foreign work thing. A couple of nights ago, Scott and I went for a beer at a little Filippino place near here and met a Brit who's been here for 14 years! He says he had only planned to be her for a year or two when he first got here. Then when people asked him how much longer he would say another year, another 2 years, another year. Soon enough he turned around and he'd been here 10 years, and there was no longer any life waiting for him in England. His friends and family had gotten used to him being gone, and finding a job would be ridiculously difficult, so here he is! Same thing happened with Stacy to a point. She stayed longer than 98.345% of AEON teachers who only take their one year contract and move back home. So next Saturday is the BIG bash where we greet Marissa and say our goobybes to Stacy, should be a good night.

I am quite amused at some of the emails I am still receiving from some folks at my previous employer bemoaning my departure. It's nice to hear that I'm missed. It was a great place to work, but I just wasn't ready to settle in to a career at that point, at least not the career I had. I would have taken my boss's job and stayed in Canada... but I guess he's rather fond of being employed... so he didn't offer it to me... lol!

Today I'm doing: NOTHING. My apartment is clean, I did that this week in case I was going to have company... my fridge and liquor shelf are stocked and I have a couple of DVDs to watch. That's about it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you planning to stay longer than just the one year? Japan does grow on you. I have been in Japan for 3 years now. Time sure does fly by. I enjoy the lifestyle, the people I work with and meet. It sounds like you are doing the same.

1:06 AM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

Haven't discussed that quite yet, I have to make the decision in the next few months.

1:16 AM  
Blogger halle226kelvin said...

damn good blog, check out mine, comments always welcome!

4:06 AM  
Anonymous S'Mee said...

Not that I'd have a problem with you being gone away longer than a year personally, but you would have to at least trip home. The Canada Jays wouldn't last the winter, Kai would just fall over and never get himself right again, and the fish have gotten quite bold, and delinquent. Several spots have had recent geological surveys, and one sandpit in particular has suffered a marked decrease in brass content. I understand and support Mitchamoto-san, sensei of the burst bubble, but the environmental impact is terrible. That, and Monkey Joe's is about to remove the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich for reasons of poor sales.

:-P Just kidding! Have fun on the Mophone World Tour!!

5:10 PM  

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