Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Freedom!!! (see below for proper intonation)

Difficult to express feeling over the internet I guess, unless of course you're viewing a web cam. However, I feel intonation is important when reading the title of this message and so I direct you to do the following:

Step 1: Insert your Braveheart DVD into your DVD player and turn it on.
Step 2: Turn your TV on.
Step 3: Play the movie.
Step 4: Fast-forward until near the end when they are about to eviscerate William Wallace in front of the crowd.
Step 5: When the guy bends close to his ear to hear what he thinks is his last confession, crank up the volume on your TV set as loud as it will go.

THAT's the "freedom" you should hear when you read the title of this post. lol

After three months of hard work, including a move from one side of the planet to another and the learning of a new trade, I now have 8 glorious hours to wind down, get some sleep and prepare. Prepare for what you ask? TRAVEL!!! (see above intonation description)

Tomorrow morning, god willing (I have yet to receive the exact meeting location at Shinjuku station), I will take the 6:27 AM train from Utsunomiya to Shinjuku station in Tokyo and meet up with some members of the kick-ass AEON Omiya training group of May 2005 for some sightseeing. Will likely spend only 1 day in Tokyo, maybe one and a half, before making my way back home to prepare for phase 2 of the holiday.

On Friday morning, I leave Utsunomiya for Sendai via Shinkansen. Depending on the weather, our sightseeing trip will begin shortly after my arrival with a trip to Matsushima, one of the top three most beautiful places in Japan. After a few days in Sendai, I'll head back down to Utsunomiya and relax before classes start up again on Wednesday.

I'm reminded of a quote from the goodbye card Rene gave me when I left OR in April... "Life is never so exciting as at the begining of a journey." Those words have never rung truer. Almost every day so far has been a journey\adventure, so it's been an exciting time here so far.

Case in point, Scott and I decided to try out a new Gioza place for lunch today and after getting quick directions from Yoshi, made our way into the wilds of Utsunomiya in search of the perfect Chinese dumpling. The place we were going to was closed so we went to a different one accross the street. When we arrived, the menus were of course only in Japanese, so we asked for advice from the waitress and she pointed out what we believed to be some kind of lunch set for 580Y. Cool, 580Y for a couple of Gioza, some rice and some soup ain't so bad.... right? Well then the food arrived.... 5 gioza... no side dish or nothing. Now, I may not be the world's greatest Gioza critic, but these weren't any different than what I've tasted before, and they were 4 times the price!!! As Scott mentionned, maybe we were eating extremely rare (Panda? Peregrine falcon? T-Rex?) meat. Language hasn't been an obstacle here yet, if you discount the 5 hamburg thing which was just funny... but today, ou lack of knowledge cost us each about 12 bucks for lunch. Ah the joys of living in a foreign land.

Anywho, dinner is about ready and I've got to turn in and get some rest soon. Talk at ya later.

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