Thursday, August 04, 2005

Obon plans are shaping up...

When I sent my goodbye email to the folks at Ogilvy Renault on my last day, I mentionned that if anyone were in the Tokyo area, they should look me up and I'd take them out for some sake. Little did I know someone would take me up on it! Richard, one of the partners in the Business Law group will be here from August 13th to 30th with his family on holiday. They will start off in Tokyo and move down to the Expo in Aichi and eventually Hiroshima. Hopefully our paths will cross at some point... I've suggested they come up to World Heritage Site Nikko for some touring, I could show them around here a bit. We shall see.

Only a few (3 to be exact) days of work until the Obon holiday! Woohoo! Looks like I've confirmed my plans to head up to Sendai and visit dear Leah, should be a nice couple of days. Sendai is one of the most beautiful places in Japan from what I understand, sitting there on the Pacific... we'll be hopping around the countryside sightseeing in the region.

This weekend is the great big Mia Matsuri festival in Utsunomiya, the largest in the prefecture. I'll be hooking up with Riyo and her friend and touring around a bit, was planning on having Zayzayem visit (his blog is linked on the right) but he's been lured away to Iwaki for some better fun.

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