Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Quotable quote

"There is in all of us an ache to care for the world."
From Hole in the Sky, by William Kittridge

Just started reading this book last night, Scott-o lent it to me. It's about an American inheriter of probably the largest farming operation ever. His father had ammassed massive wealth and land over the years and had built a huge farming empire. This book is written by this farming mogul's son, and details many of the Demons in his past. The building of such an empire is not always a peaceful and simple proposition and with time he realized some of the dreadful acts his father had done (including the draining of wetlands, and even a possible murder) to gain more and more land and wealth.

Should be an interesting read, I just love that quote though, I think I'll open up a new section on the old blog here to add some of the quotes that have reached me somehowt... not right now because I have to get ready for work... but tonight.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! im good u?

1:02 PM  
Blogger Michel Lafleur said...

Pretty sad that we are communicating over my blog through comments, while carrying on an audio conversation with you.

1:03 PM  

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